Friday, March 20, 2009

Cramping Muscles, Breaking Bones and Feeling the Grove

Just Feel It, I told myself, anticipating the arrival of Junt, hoping that I'd be better than the last round he came. But time flies... And I really can Feel It... I feel pain all over my body...

On the subject of this few days activity in Band, Intensive is the best word to describe it... I.D.I.O.T. in short for the the percussion, "Intensive Drum Informative Obsevation & Training", is the term I con for it, having Junt, an expert drummer to actually have a Percussion wrokshop with us, tough... And for the whole, very tough... It's hot blazing Sun and wet sticky sweat.

But it is a great satisfaction after each practice, having archive a certain goal for the day, we can actually feel that we are improving, and keeping pace with time.

But sadly, time is always faster than us... it's already 4 days, and it's all just not enough to finish it off.

But in the end, just do your best, just learn all that you can, and most importantly