Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you really that of the image you portray - flawless?

Are you flawless? Perfect, and sharp, never a blunt end?
Are you without mistakes? without weakness?
Are you built with hides of beast, yet the temper of a sheep?
Are you so straight that your life is labelled from A to Z?

Aren't you broken by the Tests of life?
Aren't you failing in the deepest of sweats?
Aren't you trembling in faces of thousands?
Aren't you so overwhelmed by the loads of duties?

You never broke, never questioned, never sigh, never even thought of saying no. Only a smile, a nod, and all jobs done?

You never stopped charging, never stopped to rest, never stopped to even catch a breath. Only thinking of the destination, and reaching it?

You never thought of the embarrassment, in fact, not even taking it as existing at all, never stopped when decisions are made, never turned back even when the crowd says no. Only making sure that all is archived, making everything work, making all possible when you say it is possible?

You never faltered in the face of a mess, never break when you see waste before, never stop when a stack of bricks stand in your way. Only to tidy up the mess, make waste become treasures, and make walls with bricks once scattered?

Are you that? Perfect? Flawless? Without weakness?
Are you? Are you?


  1. I'm not perfect..WE NOT PERFECT..HUMAN ARE NOT PREFECT..r u agree??

  2. Hard to say.. I'm actually referring to someone..