Thursday, February 12, 2009

When the soul embraces the Music

Let the Energy of Melodic Sound Waves overwhelm you, where one opens his heartbeat to the powerful sounds of harmonic resonance, coming together to create endless sense of wonder.

From the very day of an individual existence, the rhythm will shake the very soul of that being, for the first thing he'll ever feel, is his mother's heartbeat.

We are, no matter how insensitive towards sound, deeply effected by the beat, the rhythm, the very core that powers us.

Of melodies and songs , evokes the raw emotions of all beings on earth, powering him with the might of a dragon, or stripping him off the very last of hopes, is the energy of clashing vibrations, capable of producing colourful wonders of sound.

And so deeply are we effected by the thing we know as Music, is definitely the the greatest of art form man can ever create.


  1. promoting NHConcet Band arr?

  2. If you agree than ask Mr. Tan to print it as the concert theme decription, lol....