Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Information and Communication Technology? No, Intensive Concert Training....

Valentines Day is coming, and the 2009 Pageantry in Wind... I'm left with limited time... Less than one week to prepare, so many things I still can't handle. I gotta learn the four-mallet hand grip, play Vibes for Macarena, YMCA and Lobe Den Herrn, Bells for Gallop, Chimes for Lobe Den Herrn.... Bongos for African Symphony!!! less than one week!!! not to mention theres still all the auxilary stuf, Cymbals and Gong.....

But part of me is very excited, I have been anticipating this day since last year, to actually perform in identity of a reall Symphonic Wind Band Performance, to have such opportunity knock at my doorsteps, is a real honour to be able to be involve.

I just hope Mr. Minowa is the patient type. And so I wish to all the other Performers, Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy the concert.


  1. i wish it all will fail.. doom will happen.

  2. basil... u not u are very Basi... Zzz...
    read Basi in Malay.. tak tau maksud, cari kat kamus.. XD XD