Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pre-Pageantry in Wind 2009 report....

Writing now, still at home... Will be going to school at 1pm..

Been anticipating this moment for over half a year, being told about this concert back then...

Will be bringing some extra food, maybe mp3 player? no, I don't think it's safe...

Check List on the Songs, and what I'll be playing:

1. Pentland Hills
2. Variations on "Lobe Den Herrn" - Chimes, Vibes.
3. Macarena - Vibes.
4. Csardas (Marimba Solo) - not playing
5. Jangan Tinggal Daku - not playing
6. Young Man YMCA - Vibes, Marimba, Chimes.
7. Good-Bye My Love - Vibes.
8. Gallop - Bells
9. African Symphony - Chimes
10. Choral Music - Cymbals, Gong
11. Asuka - Gong
12. Sea Song - not playing
13. Theresophy - Shaker, Vibes(ending)
14. Meditation from 'Thais' (Flute Solo) - not playing
15. The Great Wall - Gong

Looks like my main insruments are Vibes and Chimes...

Hope that I can perform without any hidcups of any sort.... I very scared I will lose my tempo... Especially Lobe Deb Herrn... I hope that I can do my best...

And last of all, wishing all readers: Happy Valentines Day, to the performers: Do your best! To spectators: enjoy the show.


  1. you can play chimes very well! Keep it the style~ Haha!

    Will see you in Ipoh..remember to say 'Hi' to me lah. XD

  2. woo Zongxu, U got GF d , sry if its not abt the post, cos i doenst draw my attension

  3. lol, I don't blame you, but don't get me wrong, that ain't my gf... that would be my senior....

  4. haha...yeah..I'm his senior...old old senior

  5. erm.... CCCCnior? XD... well done Zongxu~