Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unto myself I'll say.

That upon my act of laze and lack of effort, why thus my laziness?

Seriously, I know I am worried, afraid, stressed about form 5, a very critical year, and definitely not the 1st time I mention this.

Why... Why... WHY is it so hard to be determined... I admire my father's willpower. If only I inherited that instead of flatulence...

Music is my goal, but I have too many other commitments... Maybe science stream was a mistake? But then again, if I make it through, a stronger me will move forward...

Gloom, torment, headaches, mood swings... It's not menstrual cycle, it's SPM...

1 comment:

  1. Choosing science stream is good for one who are not sure with future... Changing from science field to art field is easier than its vice versa. I would like to be in musical career in future, but I also chose to study in science stream... Future is always seems so blurry.