Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lane: 2008 Memory.

Every once in a while, we just need to de-stress a bit, and one good way is to walk down the bright lane of memories.

2008, fond memories indeed. School life was blissful, band life was so rewarding, friendships were fruitful, and we were still immature, a blessing indeed.

KLWMBC and band national comepetition, a phase which just cannot be told or written in words, you will only understand how awesome it is when you get to experience:
  • eating maggi noodles everyday
  • walk around the hotel half-naked
  • singing in the aisle loudly
  • screwing up your band uniform
  • practicing in a short 15 minutes designated to your band at 12 noon
  • march on stupid white floor tiles you just love but hate
  • seeing other bands perform live
  • warming up in a field with 10 other bands
  • hear the seniors and ex-members shout E~S~T
  • getting high after each round of competing
  • having Sultanah Asma blast at you loudly in the afternoon when you have your nap
  • go shopping in one of the free days at berjaya times square and mid-valley
  • take pictures non-stop all the way
  • making friends with other bands
  • re-affirming old friendships
  • listen to current seniors share experiences with you

Ahhh... I can cry already, sweet memories.

Memoirs 2008 Album
Memoirs 2008 Video


  1. haha.. I still remember that Sultanah Asma blast..TT..

  2. 10th storey still can hear them, geng.