Saturday, August 27, 2016


Stay here, don't go, I implore, I ask this beaut,
its sparkle and glaze doth shimmer and shine through all.
Four walls rise high to keep my being within,
yet flutter and fly it goes beyond this hall.

Who forgot to place a roof above my head?
I squirm and weep in disdain that I should stay.
'Most surely my hopes, my dreams had left with it.'
I told my thoughts to the wind which went away.

Would it remain when its wings are feathered?
The blind would see it clear as day, not I.
These walls I built with non but hands my own,
these walls I seek to break so I might fly.

Surely this bird has sang its tune to me,
entranced by non but songs of chirps and squeaks.
Yet while I still had wings in place of arms,
I shed them and exchanged it all for bricks.

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