Friday, April 12, 2013

Helping HELP.

So I got myself into this small (Ok, not that small) gig recently. I'm gonna play drums for a HELP University concert somewhere in late May. The set-list? It mainly consist of pop and rock.

And today was our first meeting as a band, some from my college, some people from HELP, and we had some discussions on arrangements and roles in the band. Practices begin maybe next week, so yeah, late nights a-many.

There was this ex-senior from ICOM in the band as well, now studying in Aswara. Couldn't stop going on about how life changing it is for him since he went there instead of continuing ICOM. And he's not the 1st to tell me how great the guys from Aswara are musically. Call it tempting, but he himself is a testimony I guess. When he was in ICOM, he was not that impressive in his playing, but a quick look at him just now saw a more confident player with prowess I've not seen during my 1st semester. But ah well, I've become attached to ICOM.

So what else? I guess I can say I actually look forward to playing with them.

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