Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death lingers.

My neighbour's old faithful dog of the streets. It has been 3 years since knowing it. Up until now, it is taking its last breaths, shivering, hungry, dying alone at this very moment I write.

I can't do anything, nothing much, for it isn't my dog. My neighbour has been travelling a lot lately, and his house pets are left to the care of his children during his absence. Yeah, it was about 3 weeks ago, things got worse. Neglected this dog was by his children, under-fed, mild sickness took over it.

My family tried to ease its hunger, fed him some bones and meats every now and then. But it will usually refuse, faithfully waiting for the master's return.

That day didn't came, and the dog is now lying down sick, cold and hungry. Salivating non-stop, flies starting to abound it, the sign of death too close to it.

Painful is that sight, pain is in my heart, if only I could do more, if only I could save it, if not save, least be its pain lessened. Sadness filled me, but I do not cry, I can't seem to cry, so I had to write it out.

Well, death is painful, it happens, I only hope it comes quickly, lest the dog's pain end soon.


  1. poor dog... How old are ur neighbor's children?? == Don't tell me they can't even feed a dog... Even my sisters can do that!

  2. Died this morning. The owner's children are working. I think it was sick anyway, thus not eating. Just found out yesterday the owner is fighting cancer in KL, that's why he's away that long. At least now, its pain ended... Hopefully he gets a good afterlife.

  3. IT doesn't have an afterlife. Animals have souls, but, when they die, their souls go POOF like thier lives~
    Ohh... Working... I see I see... Not home everyday? Or they leave and come back?
    Oh another cancer patient. Get well soon Zx's neighbor.

  4. His children are staying just few houses down the road. They come home everyday. As for my beliefs, I do believe IT will have an afterlife.

  5. so do i.. animals have souls, and they do not go poof.